Alarm bells, set the ______ ringing:

Alarm bells, set the ______ ringing: 1. Trigger warning system because there is a fire. 2. Cause total panic amongst colleagues by doing something distinctly unnerving, such as wearing trainers with suits, reaching inside a room from the corridor when a meeting is in session and turning the light switch repeatedly on and off for five minutes, or insisting on being called Colin when your real name is Samantha. (see AWOL, go; Ballistic, go; Box of frogs, mad as a; Bundle, one stick short of a; Gene pool, swimming in the shallow end of the; Mid-life crisis; Moon, barking at the, over the, through the; Picnic, one sandwich short of a; Plot, lose the; Pram, to throw one’s toys out of the; Radar, off; Rails, gone off the)

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