I’m Kevin Duncan, author and Plain English commentator, and I’ve been collecting corporate gobbledygook for over 30 years. My first dictionary brought it all together in one place for the first time, with over 2,000 entries and explanations. The fully updated version, The Business Bullshit Book, is now out. There is also a new Indian version for anyone in that part of the world.

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Alternative facts

Alternative facts: 1. A euphemism for lies. 2. On January 22nd 2017, Donald Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway described White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s falsehoods about attendance at the inauguration as “alternative facts.”


BAME: 1.Black, Asian, and minority ethnic. 2. Rather cumbersome and lacklustre acronym used to refer to members of non-white communities in the UK; given the huge cultural difference between all the groups this definition tries to cluster together, it feels in its own way like a form of hackneyed stereotyping, even to the point of almost demeaning the very people it intends to champion.

Evidence-based policy

Evidence-based policy: 1. Policy based on evidence. 2. Something that should be self-evident, but which suspiciously isn’t; policy or notion lacking any evidence whatsoever; trumped-up twaddle generated to appease overbearing boss, or possibly government minister.