The Dictionary of Business Bullshit is available as an ibook.

For further bull-related amusement, check out my Little Books of Business Bullshit series. Originally self-published in limited edition print runs of 500, these are now available as ebooks.

Each edition contains 50 genuine statements of pure bull, with cartoons by the author, and audio narration trying to decipher it. Each edition is less than £1.

Over 10,000 downloaded so far.

Business Bullshit Volumes 1-5 on Amazon (Kindle)

On Apple ibooksBullshit OneVolume 1 (on ITunes)  Bullshit 2

Volume 2 (on ITunes)

Bullshit 3 Volume 3 (on ITunes)Bullshit 4 Volume 4 (on ITunes)Bullshit 5  Volume 5 (on ITunes)


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