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Generating ideas is just one of many themes that Kevin can speak on. His material is brilliant for stimulating an audience. It can be used as an amusing keynote theme, or as a prelude to inspiring people to articulate their ideas better.

Kevin is a lively and stimulating speaker who favours a collaborative workshop style.

His original approaches to solving business issues are captured in a variety of books.

He is often asked to provide a keynote theme at a conference, to be a catalyst for management teams, or to address whole companies.

A suite of materials can support the theme, including books, apps, podcasts, and online tools.  Here’s a flavour of some of his material.



  • Based on The Smart Thinking Book
  • Features 60 bursts of business brilliance
  • Covers growth, communication, innovation, creativity, relationships, and thinking
  • Ultra fast rapid response provocations for each topic
  • Ideal for organizations who wish to get to the nub of an issue fast


  • Based on The Diagrams Book
  • Features the 50 most effective business diagrams in the world
  • Already bought for translation in 12 languages
  • Ingenious presentation and pitch techniques that really work
  • Examines how to enhance verbal communication and solve any problem visually
  • Ideal for organisations who wish to be more creative or sell more imaginatively

  • Based on The Ideas Book
  • Features a set of idea generation techniques that solve business issues
  • Explains how to prepare for and run brainstorms properly – and charge for them
  • Ideal for organisations who wish to be more creative


  • Based on The Ideas Book and The Diagrams Book combined
  • Explains how to have a clear Point of View…
  • …and express them pithily using diagrams
  • Includes a 12-step process to map out a clear and persuasive Line of Argument
  • Ideal for organisations who need to sell products and proposals more effectively

  • An amusing session with a serious message about clarity of expression
  • Based on The Dictionary of Business Bullshit – a new book with over 2,000 entries
  • Deconstruction of why people bullshit, coupled with serious advice about what to do about it
  • Highlights the importance of jargon-free language in business and promotes the conditions for faster, clearer communication

  • Based on the top-selling book, voted Telegraph Business Club Book of the Week
  • Over 6,000 trained, including Carat, Engine, Iris, JWT, Mediacom, Metro, Nokia, Saatchi, and Shell
  • Stimulating ideas for coping with chaos at work and improving effectiveness
  • Excellent for improving complex working relationships between clients and agencies or suppliers

  • Choose a theme to enhance your business from over 250 important business books  – all summarised on one page
  • A highly fertile set of possible themes, including strategy, branding, behavioural economics, creativity, leadership, organisation, the best of 2014, and so on
  • Great for idea generation, and client/supplier team bonding
  • Supported by iphone apps, books, and the only blog of its kind in the world
  • Over 2,000 trained, including Arcadia, Brainjuicer, Cello, Heineken, Orange, PHD, RBS and T-Mobile

Get in touch to discuss possibilities: or 07979 808770.

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