Wildebeest in a row, has the lion got his:

Wildebeest in a row, has the lion got his: 1. Do we agree on this? 2: Staggeringly ridiculous wildlife reference suggesting a decent working knowledge of the savannah, whilst simultaneously revealing colossal ignorance of same; quaint implication that the King of the Beasts would do what comes naturally to every apex predator, that is to say line up his prey in a neat row before embarking on an attack. (see Beavers, defending it like; Ducks in a row, get our; Hymn sheet, singing from the same; Loose cannon; Off message; Off-piste; Realignment; Wavelength, on the same, not on the same)

Beavers, defending it like:

Beavers, defending it like: 1. Tenaciously backing a cause. 2. Completely inaccurate analogy attempting to specify anthropomorphic qualities which the beaver does not in fact possess; starting a sentence without knowing how to finish it and randomly grabbing at a member of the animal kingdom to finish the job. (see Seals, left them clapping like; Wildebeest in a row, has the lion got his)