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  1. One surely for your list Kevin! It’s my absolute pet hate.
    Engagement doesn’t exist in the dictionary beyond the references below.
    engagement was found in the British English Dictionary at the entries listed below.
    engagement noun (MARRIAGE)
    engagement noun (ARRANGEMENT)
    engagement noun (FIGHTING)
    engagement ring noun
    speaking engagement noun

    it is used as a horribly vague term in marketing, helping to prop up unsubstantiated and mostly ineffective thinking to clients so they can buy a portion of expensive hope from their agency. If you can’t measure it it shouldn’t be on a marketing strategy. And while a few attempts at measuring engagement have been proposed (such as channel specific ‘engagement’ on facebook such as ‘reach/likes’ or the like) nothing can be tracked back to sales or or other useful metrics.

    It’s snake oil talk and should be banned. Please publicise its bullshitness.

    Many thanks!

    • Absolutely right!

      Here is my take on it from the dictionary. I assume you have a copy? If not, let me know and I’ll send one.

      Engage, engaged, engagement:

      1. To involve.
      2. Straightforward verb now transmogrified into a grotesque bastard son of its original form; ‘customer engagement’ has nothing to do with an impending marriage, but simply refers to their paying attention; ‘engaging the staff and stakeholders’ simply means getting them to agree to something as opposed to rejecting it outright. (see Stakeholder)

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