Send me your Bull

Everyone can join in the fun.  Send me your worst examples of business bullshit and I’ll include the best in the next edition.

5 thoughts on “Send me your Bull

  1. “Evidence based policy “. Govt bull rather than business bull. Obviously flatulent and pompous civil servant speak. Consider the opposite – “We have come up with this policy based on pure prejudice and preconceptions and we have not bothered to check if the previous policy was successful or not.” Come to think of it, that might well be closer to the truth.

    If you agree with Herbert Simon, we suffer from ‘bounded rationality’ – there is way too much information for us to process so we tend to use evidence to post rationalise more than any thing else.

    • Absolutely! Also check out “Predictors of Beaconicity” – indicators of anything that will stand out. Classic government twaddle.

  2. “How do we ______ ?” – Ah yes, the passive directive to tell somebody you want them to do something, without actually having to say it. Usually uttered by somebody that doesn’t do anything simply because they have little shame in being incapable of doing _____.

    “We need a plan for that.” – Another useless thing to utter. It really doesn’t mean anything as nobody has defined what a “plan” is in the context. It’s just self-important verbal masturbation.

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