Reach out

Reach out: 1. To contact in some way. 2. Truly horrible way of suggesting any form of interaction with a colleague or associate, offered in an “arms around the world” sort of tone; visions of two fingers only just touching, a la the Sistine chapel, or a film villain about to drop off a cliff despite vain attempts to hold them back.


USPness: 1. The degree to which a product or service has a unique selling proposition. 2. Ill-advised addition of the –ness suffix to a glib acronym about brands trying to be distinctive, only to produce a word that sounds like an American phallus. (see USP)


Branter: 1. Brand banter; social chat between a brand and its audience. 2. More errant twaddle from the online world, suggesting once again that customers spend their entire time having witty conversations with products that they care sod all about, doubtless whilst engaging in a customer journey. (see Advertainment; Chatvertising)