Budget Day Bull Special

Fiscal juggling: 1. Moving money from one part of the financial year to another. 2. Incessant gerrymandering of spreadsheets to confuse anyone and everyone; legerdemain, literally lightness of hand; adding costs to reduce profit; removing costs to increase profit; changing financial years; shifting from quarters to tertials or vice versa; deliberately generating multi-sheet spreadsheets with hidden layers in order to obfuscate; pursuing opacity at all costs; using arcane financial language to disguise the working reality; all in all, a huge battery of techniques to prevent anyone understanding the monetary truth. (see Above board; Aims; Balloon has gone up, the; Baseline; BHAG; Black arts; Bottom line; Calibrate; Cook the books; Crunch the numbers; Markers, put some____down; Massage the numbers; Numbers, the; Obfuscate; Quantitative easing; Quarter; Re-baselining; Tertial)

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