Banana, stabbing a seal with a:

Banana, stabbing a seal with a: 1. Using a tropical crescent-shaped fruit to terminate the life of an aquatic mammal of the phocidae or otaridae families. 2. Hopelessly equipped for the job; using entirely the wrong tool to get something done; repeatedly using the same technique again and again hoping in vain for a different result; too dim to change tactics. (see Bark into the wind, up the wrong tree; Grasping at fog; Nailing a jelly to the wall, trying to)

5 thoughts on “Banana, stabbing a seal with a:

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  2. I see an animal theme in your latest posts. It was Albert Einstein who said something like, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results”, or, perhaps in the case of some of this phrases, insanity is in the speaker…

  3. Sam, you are fast! Yup, the first batch I posted were animal related, but there’s plenty more to come. I am currently told that advance copies should appear in a couple of weeks, so we’re getting close.

  4. I remember this well….. and so many others! So glad to hear you have finally published the fruits of the A4 sheets kept in your bottom drawer! Hope all is well. Maybe catch up sometime for a chat etc? Dibs

    • It’s undoubtedly one of my favourites, which is saying something out of 2,000+ possibilities. Yes, let’s exchange further nonsense in the New Year…

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